Hi. My name is Mary.

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Who am I ?

A Web Designer

Showcase your products into an Ecommerce website, or your business into a clear, fast load and informative websites in affordable and competitive price with a decent UI looking and responsive layout auto-scaling for mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. Reliable, fast and safe web hosting and WordPress hosting. Whether you’re just getting started or an established brand, create a website that helps your business grow. Or empower your point of view and share your thought through blogging.


A Photographer

Being a photographer is not just mean that you really love photography or just a profession. Taking a photograph is the ability to envision a final result in our mind's eye with the help of a hand and a camera. Live what you love, explore the power of imagination that makes us infinite. Believing is not enough but I started some moves and follow my creativity. Because a photograph is an everlasting keep shake of time, that preserve a history.

The Sister

A Volunteer

Volunteering is one of my activity I loved to do since 2009 in Dubai. Giving my time to help a non-profit organisation not related to my profession, is a way to support or help other people who are in need, share awareness, enhance creativity, boost a social skill, and avoid boredom or not to feel homesick from my family back home.